Biorb 105

Biorb 105

Two feet in width and height, as far as I am aware, this is the largest aquarium in the Reef One range. If you are considering starting out with a marine tank, I would definitely recommend this aquarium due to the generous size.

As the name suggests, the tank holds an impressive 105 litres of water. A few select pieces of decent live rock and you really could have a very attractive miniature reef in your lounge. Acrylic construction is a major benefit with a tank this size, due to it’s shear strength. I wouldn’t fancy 100 plus litres of water on my lounge floor!Biorb 105 Fish Tank

This Biorb fish tank can either by placed on a table, sideboard etc; or if you are feeling especially flash you could always opt for the bespoke stand available for this tank.  Armed with the marine conversion kit, you are pretty much good to go.

The marine conversion kit will work with the Biorb 105, however you will need a little extra salt to make up for the extra 45 litres you are getting. In my opinion, the filtration supplied is adequate for a marine setup, however you will need to watch your stocking levels closely.

Should you find waste levels are starting to increase (and your water change routine isn’t keeping this under control), it would be prudent to consider a slightly more powerful filter unit.

Introducing the Biorb Intelligent Light

It is worth pointing out that also included in the kit, is the intelligent lighting system (which retails for around £50 separately). This lighting system aims to simulate a natural lighting cycle (think daylight and moonlight), all computer controlled of course!

L.E.Ds are starting to impact on fish keeping in a big way; not least of all the cheaper than conventional lighting running costs and also the fact that they generate very minimal heat.

Not to mention the safety aspects either. L.E.D lighting systems generally run of a DC supply. AC and salt water definitely are not a combination I would recommend!

Minimise Evaporation

One of the benefits of this aquarium is the sealed lid will help assist in preventing some of the water evaporation that you would normally encounter. Meaning you won’t have to spend as much time topping up with RO water.
Of course, you will still need to perform regular water changes to assist with keeping waste levels down.

Lets Not Forget Tropicals

You may have guessed from reading my blog, that I love marine aquaria. However, the Biorb 105 would make a very formidable tropical setup too. A nice chunk of specialist drift wood together with some plants, would make a most pleasing aquascape.


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