Biorb Filter Service Kit

Biorb Filter Service Kit

We touched on the importance of filtration within the article ‘Biorb Fish Tank Filtration’ else where on this site.  While it is true to say that Biorb’s require very low levels of maintenance from the owner; it is important to make sure the filtration is refreshed periodically.

Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle

Summary of the aquarium waste cycle (click for large view)

Biorb Filter, Biorb Service Kit
The actual process of swapping the filter over is simplicity in itself. It is literally a matter of unclipping the existing filter and substituting with the replacement.

You wouldn’t let your home waste bin sit unemptied for months on end and you shouldn’t do the same for a fish tank.   A crude analogy perhaps, but we believe it is needed to drive the message home.   After all, you are now a responsible fish keeper.

The Biorb Service Kit filter is suitable for both cold water and tropical fish setups.   In addition to the filter housing, you are also supplied with a sachet of water conditioner (this removes harmful Chlorine from tap water).

The idea is that as well as performing the filter change, you also perform a partial water change (roughly 30 %). Its really important that you don’t replace the entire volume of water other wise you risk upsetting the existing bacterial balance.

Finally, as you are performing a water change there is even a cleaning pad included in the pack so you can really make your aquarium sparkle.

The whole process should not take you longer than 15 minutes and only needs to be performed every few weeks.  Why not stock up on a few service kits, that way there is no excuse for not keeping your tank and it’s occupants in pristine condition?

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